Why Dublin is Becoming Electric Scooter Friendly

Dublin has changed a huge amount in the last 25 years and is almost unrecognizable from the city it was 25 years ago to now. Most of this is due to the tech companies moving into Dublin to take advantage of our English speaking, highly educated workforce…not to mention the good tax deals we give companies! That is a topic for another post however.

Dublin in the last 20 years has now got a Luas which is the light rail or tram system running all over the city. It has extensive cycle lanes and now a fairly decent road network with the M50 ring road surrounding the city. Just 25 years ago none of these things existed in Dublin but we were lagging way behind other western countries and in particular other western capital cities. There is still not way to get to the airport other than bus or car which has been a topic for about 10 years. Why they have not extended the Luas to the airport is beyond most people. Of course it will cost money but it definitely is going to need to be done at some stage so why not do it all now?

electric scooters for adults

Some of these changes to the city have been great but with them it has brought a growth in popular and the traffic in Dublin is now as bad as it has ever been. If you don’t live along the tram lines then you are taking your life into your hands cycling into work or else sitting in traffic for an hour in the morning and evening.

There has now been talk of introducing electric scooters as a way to help the problems that face Dublin and no doubt many other cities. That is an electric scooter for adults of course! These electric scooters have no exhaust fumes and can be charged in your own home. They can get you in and out of work in the same time it would take to cycle and you can use the existing cycling lanes for the scooters. The city is ready made for these scooters so they can help the government with their crises. This is the perfect solution on the government seem to be pushing it hard.

Lose Money to Make Money | Case Study Dash Cams Ireland

Did the title get your attention? Good! This may sound silly but there is a lot more to it than meets the eye. The fact that you need to lose money to make money has several layers to it. Have you ever heard about how Richard Branson was millions in debt when he started his record store? Ok that is an extreme example but many millionaires and successful entrepreneurs have been in trouble at one stage or another, in fact it almost comes with the territory. This is even more so true online where you need to invest money in SEO, ads, content, design and general setup before you make a penny and of course like anything making a penny is not guaranteed.

Another example of this is selling a product that creates a return customer. A good example of this could be a supplement brand that is selling protein at a discounted price. They may not make much or any money on this sale as they are running a deal but they may if done right have created a customer with life time value. That customer if happy with the product and service may order again next month or down the line and thus you have made very little money to make more money down the line.

Another example of this would be one website we have worked to help them set up Google Ads. The owner was not overly familiar with online marketing so we had to convince him that spending money up front on Google Ads was a good investment. His website sells dash cameras and he slowly began making back his initial investment and now he starting to get a good bit of business. This is the case with many businesses and believe it or not is the reason that many people back out of starting their own business. They simple cannot get past the fact that they have to spend money first and they are afraid to make the leap. This is totally fine and normal but no risk no reward could not be truer words in this case. So keep this in mind when trying to promote your business and know that long term is key!


Is an Android TV Box still relevant in 2018?

By now most people are aware of what an android tv box is and what they can. In fact they have become so popular that almost every house hold has an android box or something similar. With the emergence of the smart TV some will argue that an android box is not as relevant as it once was but this is a huge mistake. Firstly a smart TV is quite restricted in what it can do and is not run on open source software such as the android operating system. This means that you cannot load whatever apps you want it but only a select few that the Smart TV operating system will let you load.

Secondly most people still do not have a smart TV and as they are quite expensive most people will not buy a smart TV just so they can use apps on their TV. An android TV box is a much more affordable option with TV boxes going for as low as €70 as opposed to a smart TV which can cost you over 500 euro or more. The best android TV box will also have a considerably fast processor and are especially designed for the task so are usually much more powerful than the processors built in to the smart TVs especially the cheaper range of TVs that most people will go for.

So for these reasons it is still too early to say that an android box is fit for the scrap heap as of yet. In fact as TV is going more and more towards streaming apps with companies such as eleven sports and premier sports purchasing TV rights it seems that more and more people will be looking to get an android TV box. For example you can only watch eleven sports on their own app and there channel is not available via other methods.



Neil Patels Ecommerce Start Up Guide

This is just a quick post to reference Neil Patel’s eCommerce start up guide. For those of you who do not know Neil Patel is a very successful digital marketer that began as an SEO consultant. He then ended up doing SEO for many fortune 500 companies and has other very successful businesses. In short..when he talks you should listen or in this case read his full eCommerce guide here. Rather than summarise his post here we think it is best that you give the whole guide a read in detail as there are many gems of knowledge there that could save you a lot of heart ache and money.

What are the advantages of getting a refurbished iphone?

There are many versions of iPhone these days and rather than getting more affordable as time goes on like most other technologies the price of the iPhone has gotten more expensive with each new version. If you want the latest version of the iPhone X you will now have to pay over €800 for the elite phone. This is a lot of money for a lot of people and can be the equivalent to one months rent to a lot of people which is simply too much for a phone no matter how good it is or how much better it is than the last iPhone (how much better can it be?).

Another option is available to people who are looking for a newer phone. Of course if they cannot afford the latest iPhone then they can look at the older options but there is an even cheaper way of getting a good iPhone without breaking the bank and that is to get a refurbished iPhone. Companies like Phone IT are now selling as good as new refurbished iPhones for as little as €219 that are network unlocked essentially meaning that all you need to get using your phone is a SIM card and you have everything you need.

A refurbished iPhone is essentially a phone that has been used before but all the main parts have been replaced meaning that it is as good as a new phone without actually being a brand new iPhone. When buying a refurbished iPhone it is important to buy from a good supplier who will back up any issues and give a good lengthy warranty period with the phone in case there are any issues. This has become a popular option as it is more affordable whilst also giving you the option of getting a high quality iPhone and no one will ever know the difference!

How Apple iPhone’s 7 Has Made Wireless Headphones Essential

When the Apple iPhone 7 came out there was shock around the world as their latest model did not include a simple headphone jack in order for people to use their wired headphones with the phone. It was certainly a sign of things to come as the various android phone manufacturers are following suit meaning that wireless headphones are not only a cool product to have but they are becoming an essential part of your technology must haves. In the not too distant future wired headphones are going to become a thing to the past as we are forced to move to wireless bluetooth headphone and earphone technology.

wireless headphonesBluetooth has been around quite a while although it is still only catching on. Speakers and now headphones are going to be bluetooth from now on as the technology has become more affordable and also better quality. There has being many versions of the bluetooth technology with the latest being bluetooth 5.0. This newer version does not consume as much battery as the older bluetooth 4.0 versions so this means that not only will your phone battery be longer lasting using bluetooth but your headphones will also be able to last much longer which was a cause for concern for many consumers in the past. One thing to point out though is that many wireless headphones still use bluetooth 4.0 as this means they are compatible with older smart phones that are not able to sync with 5.0 versions.

There are now a huge range of wireless headphones and earphones available. As well as the standard brands there are a new wave of high quality brands coming out of Asia. Brands like bluedio sold by Audio Ireland who are being distributed by bluedio agents are as good if not better than the more well known brands which are quite expensive. Other brands such as QCY are making a big impact in Europe and the USA and are worth keeping an eye out on.


Why Nail Salons Are Using UV Nail Lamps

In salons, two types of UV nail lamps have been used, Traditional and LED. Using different types of bulbs, fluorescent tubes in traditional UV nail lamps and Light emitting diodes in LED style UV nail lamps, these lamps emit UV and thus quickly dry and harden UV curable artificial nail coatings.

Although Ultra-violet is divided into three categories, UVA, UVB and UVC, all of these defines a UV wavelengths found in sunlight but only small fraction in natural sunlight is useful to cure artificial nail coatings. UVA are emitted from UV nail bulbs with no amount of UVC. Very less amount of UVA is used to cure artificial nail coats as they are specially designed. The UVA band have different wavelength and not all of them are used in curing artificial curable nails. Nail product formulation determines which UVA wavelength can be used according to brands like nail booth. Sometime if UV nail lamp is not in accordance with what a particular nail product requires, over or under curing might occur. Correct curing occurs when UV curable nail coat is treated with correct UVA wavelength for specific time. If under cured, UV nail coatings can solidify which doesn’t mean they are cured properly and if over cured, then might result in service breakdown which can burn sensitive tissues of the nail bed. Proper curing is required to avoid any adverse reactions.

UV nail lamps are considered to be safe and are being used in salon for more than 30 years. In a study “Do UV Nail Lamps Emit Unsafe levels of Ultrviolet Light? Two UV lamps were tested and it was found that they contain UV wavelength less than that found in natural sunlight. Another study was done by Dr. Robert Sayre, inventor of the SPF rating system for sunscreen and his associate Dr. John Dowdy, found that the exposure from the use of UV nail lamps is almost equal to the permissible monthly UV exposure as defined by international standards. The traditional and LED style UV nail lamps, are not much different and safe to use.

Are Kodi Boxes Legal?

There has been much discussion on online forums recently about the legality of kodi boxes as they have become such a popular product in recent years. The question itself shows a lack of knowledge on what a kodi box is. In fact kodi box is not really the correct name for these devices. Most of these devices come with an android operating system so the term android TV box is really the correct name for these devices. Kodi itself is just one app of many that come on the boxes so that is the first point to address.

The second point is that Kodi is just an app that in itself does not display content. You must add what are known as add on’s and this is where it can become a bit of an issue. There are thousands of add on’s that anyone can install in Kodi. A lot of them are 100% legit such as Spotify or Stan TV but there are add on’s that can be a bit of a grey area when it comes to copyright law. This does not mean that Kodi itself is illegal or anything like it.

A third point to make is that Kodi can be downloaded on any device such as a phone, laptop, mac computer, tablet or any sort of computer device. That does not make any of those devices illegal or anything like it so therefore the question is an invalid one. The question itself really is an ignorant one and one that shows a lack of understanding of Kodi and technology as a whole. It is much easier to say Kodi is illegal when you don’t understand it but it is very incorrect.

I do think that in the future there will be some sort of block on Kodi but as it stands it is just a open source app and nothing more. Some of the add on’s might be crossing the line but that is nothing to do with Kodi or their developers and it was not designed for this purpose.