Are Kodi Boxes Legal?

There has been much discussion on online forums recently about the legality of kodi boxes as they have become such a popular product in recent years. The question itself shows a lack of knowledge on what a kodi box is. In fact kodi box is not really the correct name for these devices. Most of these devices come with an android operating system so the term android TV box is really the correct name for these devices. Kodi itself is just one app of many that come on the boxes so that is the first point to address.

The second point is that Kodi is just an app that in itself does not display content. You must add what are known as add on’s and this is where it can become a bit of an issue. There are thousands of add on’s that anyone can install in Kodi. A lot of them are 100% legit such as Spotify or Stan TV but there are add on’s that can be a bit of a grey area when it comes to copyright law. This does not mean that Kodi itself is illegal or anything like it.

A third point to make is that Kodi can be downloaded on any device such as a phone, laptop, mac computer, tablet or any sort of computer device. That does not make any of those devices illegal or anything like it so therefore the question is an invalid one. The question itself really is an ignorant one and one that shows a lack of understanding of Kodi and technology as a whole. It is much easier to say Kodi is illegal when you don’t understand it but it is very incorrect.

I do think that in the future there will be some sort of block on Kodi but as it stands it is just a open source app and nothing more. Some of the add on’s might be crossing the line but that is nothing to do with Kodi or their developers and it was not designed for this purpose.