How Apple iPhone’s 7 Has Made Wireless Headphones Essential

When the Apple iPhone 7 came out there was shock around the world as their latest model did not include a simple headphone jack in order for people to use their wired headphones with the phone. It was certainly a sign of things to come as the various android phone manufacturers are following suit meaning that wireless headphones are not only a cool product to have but they are becoming an essential part of your technology must haves. In the not too distant future wired headphones are going to become a thing to the past as we are forced to move to wireless bluetooth headphone and earphone technology.

wireless headphonesBluetooth has been around quite a while although it is still only catching on. Speakers and now headphones are going to be bluetooth from now on as the technology has become more affordable and also better quality. There has being many versions of the bluetooth technology with the latest being bluetooth 5.0. This newer version does not consume as much battery as the older bluetooth 4.0 versions so this means that not only will your phone battery be longer lasting using bluetooth but your headphones will also be able to last much longer which was a cause for concern for many consumers in the past. One thing to point out though is that many wireless headphones still use bluetooth 4.0 as this means they are compatible with older smart phones that are not able to sync with 5.0 versions.

There are now a huge range of wireless headphones and earphones available. As well as the standard brands there are a new wave of high quality brands coming out of Asia. Brands like bluedio sold by Audio Ireland who are being distributed by bluedio agents are as good if not better than the more well known brands which are quite expensive. Other brands such as QCY are making a big impact in Europe and the USA and are worth keeping an eye out on.