Is an Android TV Box still relevant in 2018?

By now most people are aware of what an android tv box is and what they can. In fact they have become so popular that almost every house hold has an android box or something similar. With the emergence of the smart TV some will argue that an android box is not as relevant as it once was but this is a huge mistake. Firstly a smart TV is quite restricted in what it can do and is not run on open source software such as the android operating system. This means that you cannot load whatever apps you want it but only a select few that the Smart TV operating system will let you load.

Secondly most people still do not have a smart TV and as they are quite expensive most people will not buy a smart TV just so they can use apps on their TV. An android TV box is a much more affordable option with TV boxes going for as low as €70 as opposed to a smart TV which can cost you over 500 euro or more. The best android TV box will also have a considerably fast processor and are especially designed for the task so are usually much more powerful than the processors built in to the smart TVs especially the cheaper range of TVs that most people will go for.

So for these reasons it is still too early to say that an android box is fit for the scrap heap as of yet. In fact as TV is going more and more towards streaming apps with companies such as eleven sports and premier sports purchasing TV rights it seems that more and more people will be looking to get an android TV box. For example you can only watch eleven sports on their own app and there channel is not available via other methods.