Our New SEO Client – Hoverboard Ireland

Hoverboards have become a hugely popular product since 2015 so we knew that when the hoverboard Ireland store contacted us that it would be quite a challenge. There are many websites in this space both here in Ireland and all over Europe and everyone is competing for those top 3 positions on Google. Naturally enough we want to learn a bit about the products we are trying to rank for so we met with Hoverboard Ireland to find out the different types of products they do.

As you might have guessed it is mostly hoverboards they sell with a small range of electric scooters however they are not a priority at least for now they said. We have considered running a FB ads campaign for the hoverboards to see if we can get some traffic to the website. Once that is set up we may too extend it into Instagram ads as they are proving to be more successful than Facebook ads in the last few months.

From there we will go the usual routes of SEO and Google Adwords to see if we can get some traffic however the hoverboard Ireland keywords are very competitive. We will wait and see how the social media side of things pans out before investing a lot into other sources of Avenue. As the website is already quite old it should not be too hard to get some traffic to it. Stay tuned and we will how this new project goes!