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SEO Case Study – Adult Electric Scooter Store

It is hard to believe we are already in March 2019 and we have already got some new projects under way here. One of the projects we are working on is an online store selling electric scooters for adults. Electric scooters are fast becoming quite popular. Up until about a year ago they were not really known about but over the last few months there has been a lot of press about them both good and bad.


The press articles usually are talking about electric scooter law and if they are or are not legal here in Ireland as well as other countries. There has also been lots of talk on the radio about how these electric scooters can help traffic in towns and cities around the country.

Although there might not be a huge demand for adult electric scooters as of yet we predict that they will be the big new product for late 2019 and on wards. In terms of competition online it is not as fierce as other sectors just yet but I would imagine that will change soon as the same usually happens with every product online! Most of the competition is from big websites who have started selling adult scooters rather than independent retailers. As mentioned however we expect this to change over the next year or so.

How big is the electric scooter market?

The only concern is how much demand there will be for these products. Will there be enough traffic to warranty an SEO campaign? This is always the risk when starting 3 months of SEO as it is such a long slog that it can be soul destroying if you rank a website only for it to not be getting much traffic due to lack of searches or lack of demand.

As Ireland is a small market this is a real risk. Because of this a big website containing multiple products is better but it is also a huge amount of work and requires a lot of investment into stock among other things so easier said than done.

First steps for the campaign:

A press release is the first port of call when it comes to do doing an SEO campaign. A press release explaining that these electric scooters are available in Ireland and referencing our website escooterstore. From here we will hope to get some guest posts on legit tech sites in Ireland and run some social media ads to create a buzz around the website. We will update in 2 – 3 months and see how we get on!