Is the Xiaomi M365 the best electric scooter today?

Earlier in the year we looked at how Dublin is becoming an electric scooter city here. There are many brands of electric scooter available today and it has become quite a competitive market. From when they first burst onto the scene in 2016 now it seems they are almost everywhere and it is crazy to think just how fast this has all happened. Dublin’s streets are now filled with these electric scooters and they are being sold everywhere (even if they are not actually fully road legal as of yet!). The law around these electric scooters is a tricky one and perhaps one left for another post.

So you have decided you want an electric scooter but which is the right one to go for? The Xiaomi scooter known as the M365 is the best well known of the electric scooters and rightly so. It is one of the original brands of electric scooter that brought them to the market and when people think of adult scooters this is more than likely what they are thinking of.

xiaomi m365 scooter

It has a great range and a top speed of 25 – 30km per hour depending on the weight of the rider and several other factors but that said it is a pretty fast scooter. Would you really want to be going more than 25kms per hour on a scooter? I know I wouldn’t especially without any protective gear.

There is now the upgrade to this scooter called the Xiaomi M365 pro which is essentially the same scooter but with a greater range. The difference in price is about €100 so there is not too much in it and for the extra range that most people are looking for the M365 Pro is the best on the market. It’s rival is the Ninebot ES4 which is actually made in the same factory but again that is another €100 extra.