Why Dublin is Becoming Electric Scooter Friendly

Dublin has changed a huge amount in the last 25 years and is almost unrecognizable from the city it was 25 years ago to now. Most of this is due to the tech companies moving into Dublin to take advantage of our English speaking, highly educated workforce…not to mention the good tax deals we give companies! That is a topic for another post however.

Dublin in the last 20 years has now got a Luas which is the light rail or tram system running all over the city. It has extensive cycle lanes and now a fairly decent road network with the M50 ring road surrounding the city. Just 25 years ago none of these things existed in Dublin but we were lagging way behind other western countries and in particular other western capital cities. There is still not way to get to the airport other than bus or car which has been a topic for about 10 years. Why they have not extended the Luas to the airport is beyond most people. Of course it will cost money but it definitely is going to need to be done at some stage so why not do it all now?

electric scooters for adults

Some of these changes to the city have been great but with them it has brought a growth in popular and the traffic in Dublin is now as bad as it has ever been. If you don’t live along the tram lines then you are taking your life into your hands cycling into work or else sitting in traffic for an hour in the morning and evening.

There has now been talk of introducing electric scooters as a way to help the problems that face Dublin and no doubt many other cities. That is an electric scooter for adults of course! These electric scooters have no exhaust fumes and can be charged in your own home. They can get you in and out of work in the same time it would take to cycle and you can use the existing cycling lanes for the scooters. The city is ready made for these scooters so they can help the government with their crises. This is the perfect solution on the government seem to be pushing it hard.